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R-4990 Heavy Duty Trench Grating

Neenah trench drain system R-4990

Neenah R-4990 cast iron trench grating provides a strong defense against water runoff.  Pairing heavy duty iron grates with an angle frame, the R-4990 Series stands up to repeated vehicle traffic.

The cast iron R-4990 grates are non-bolted, allowing for easy removal and convenient maintenance.  Neenah offers R-4990 cast iron trench grating in six patterns to accommodate project requirements, including ADA compliance and bicycle safety.

R-4999 Bolted Frame and Grate System

Neenah trench drain system R-4990

R-4999, Neenah’s heavy duty bolted frame and grate system, provides secure coverage over demanding applications.  Choose the bolted R-4999 Series for new installations with frequent, heavy duty traffic.

Neenah R-4999 drainage frames and grates are shipped assembled, meaning less time on site and a faster installation.

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Heavy Duty Trench R-4990 and R-4999 Series Instructions pdf

Dimensions in inches

Catalog No.
Catalog No.
Type AType A Type CType C Type DType D Type EType E Type PType P Type QType Q
R-4990-AXR-4999-AX81 1/26xxxxx 
R-4990-BXR-4999-BX101 1/28xxxxx 
R-4990-CXR-4999-CX121 1/210xx x x x x
R-4990-DXR-4999-DX141 1/212xx x x x x
R-4990-EXR-4999-EX171 1/215x x x xx 
R-4990-FXR-4999-FX201 1/218x x x xx 
R-4990-GXR-4999-GX231 1/221x x x   
R-4990-HXR-4999-HX261 1/224x x x x  x
R-4990-JXR-4999-JX30227x x x   
R-4990-KXR-4999-KX33230x x x x  
R-4990-LXR-4999-LX36233x x x   
R-4990-MXR-4999-MX39236x x x   
R-4990-NXR-4999-NX45242x x x   
R-4990-OXR-4999-OX51248x  x   

x - Indicates availability

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