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Neenah Foundry Co. - R-4990-HA Cast iron grate for airportThe Neenah R-4990 Extra Heavy Duty frame and grate system supports the extreme wheel loads of modern industrial projects.  Made from ductile iron furnished in Grade 80-55-06, the bolted R-4990 Series handles the highest airport, port and industrial traffic.

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Airport Extra Heavy Duty Bolted Series cut sheetpdf

   Suitable for aircraft loading per AC150/5320-6D


Dimensions in inches

Catalog No. Grate
Type AType A Type CType C Type DType D
R-4990-AA826 x   
R-4990-BA1028 x   
R-4990-CA12210 x   
R-4990-DA14212 x x x
R-4990-EA17215 x   x
R-4990-FA20218 x   x
R-4990-HA26224 x   x
R-4990-KA234231 x   x
R-4990-OA51248 x   x

x - Indicates availability

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