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Neenah Foundries Co. cast iron grate Neenah’s R-4993 Series drainage frames and grates provide superior support in airports, ports and other industrial sites.  The R-4993 system features a special Type T frame system, adding more grip with the surrounding concrete than standard frame and grate systems.

Neenah R-4993 installThe R-4993 Series’ Type T frame doubles as a transition surface between the grate and concrete.  The extra coverage provided by the Neenah frame offsets torsional forces seen in extraordinary conditions.

Neenah Grate types
R-4993 T Frame Series cut sheet pdf
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Dimensions in inches

Catalog No. Grate
Type AType A Type CType C Type DType D Type EType E Type LType L Type PType P Type QType Q
R-4993-AB81 1/26xxxx   x 
R-4993-BB101 1/28xxxx   x 
R-4993-CB121 1/210xx x x x x  
R-4993-DB141 1/212xx x x   x x
R-4993-EB171 1/215x x x x   x 
R-4993-FB201 1/218x x x x   x 
R-4993-GB231 1/221x x x      
R-4993-HB261 1/224x x x x    x
R-4993-JB302 28x x x      
R-4993-KB332 31x x x x     
R-4993-LB362 34x x x      
R-4993-MB392 37x x x      
R-4993-NB452 43x x x      
R-4993-OB512 49x  x      

Airport, Port, Industrial Loads

R-4993-DAB14212xx x      
R-4993-EAB17215x   x      
R-4993-FAB20218x   x      
R-4993-HAB26224x   x       
R-4993-KAB332 32x   x      
R-4993-OAB512 49x   x      

x - Indicates availability - drainage systems for the homeowner
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