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Neenah Foundries Co. Type S Frame SystemNeenah’s R-4994 Series industrial frame and grate system offers high class reinforcement for airports, ports and other industrial sites. The R-4994 system features a Type S frame, increasing the drain’s grip on the surrounding concrete over standard frame and grate systems.

Neenah R-4994 installThe R-4993 Series’ Type S unique frame shape allows the clear opening to be wider than typical.  Bolt holes are drilled clear through cantilever seat and will not trap debris.  Provision has been made for bolting successive frame sections together.

Neenah Grate types
R-4994 S Frame Series cut sheet pdf
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Dimensions in inches

Catalog No. Grate
Type AType A Type CType C Type DType D Type EType E Type LType L Type PType P Type QType Q
R-4994-AB81 1/2 4xxxx   x 
R-4994-BB101 1/2 6xxxx   x 
R-4994-CB121 1/2 8xx x x x x  
R-4994-DB141 1/2 10xx x x   x x
R-4994-EB171 1/2 13x x x x   x 
R-4994-FB201 1/2 16x x x x   x 
R-4994-GB231 1/2 19x x x      
R-4994-HB261 1/2 22x x x x    x
R-4994-JB302 26x x x      
R-4994-KB332 29x x x x     
R-4994-LB362 32x x x      
R-4994-MB392 35x x x      
R-4994-NB452 41x x x      
R-4994-OB512 47x  x      

Airport, Port, Industrial Loads

R-4994-AAB82 4x        
R-4994-BAB102 6x        
R-4994-CAB122 8x         
R-4994-DAB142 10xx x      
R-4994-EAB172 13x   x      
R-4994-FAB202 16x   x      
R-4994-HAB262 22x   x       
R-4994-KAB332 30x   x      
R-4994-OAB512 47x   x      

x - Indicates availability - drainage systems for the homeowner
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