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Neenah Foundries Co. Type S Frame SystemNeenah’s R-4995 and R-4996 cast iron trench drains offer reliable drainage for light duty and heavy duty garages, loading docks and other commercial applications.  Featuring a Type M frame with a solid or grated cover, these iron drainage systems get the job done.

Neenah R-4994 installNeenah’s R-4995 and R-4996 48” long channels join together with a lap joint to create custom lengths based on your project requirements.  Both cast iron trench drains offer 24” solid lids, flat slotted grates or diagonally barred convex grates.  A standard 4” end outlet may be substituted for bottom or side outlets.

Neenah Grate types
R-4995 - R-4996 Type M Frame Series cut sheet pdf
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Dimensions in inches

Catalog No. Grate
Type AType A Type BType B Type DType D Type EType E Type LType L Type PType P Type QType Q
R-4995-A1 11.5 .75 6.75xxx     x 
R-4995-B1 11.5 .75 6.75xxx       
R-4995-A2* 7 .75 4.75xx x        
R-4995-B2 7 .75 4.75xx x        
R-4996-A1 11.5 1.5 6x x x     x 
R-4996-B1 11.5 1.5 6x x x       
R-4996-A2* 7 1.25 4.25x x x      
R-4996-B2 7 1.25 4.25x x x       

x - Indicates availability
* Available with Type B grate only. - drainage systems for the homeowner
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