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Neenah Foundries Co. Type S Frame SystemNeenah’s R-4996 Self-Forming Trench Pan combines the endurance of Neenah Foundry grates with a modular trench drain.

The 8" and 10" wide R-4996 Systems offer a 30" long cast iron channel, which becomes the trench lining after installation.  The 12" wide R-4996-C and aircraft rated R-4996-CA feature 36" long lengths, meaning fewer parts for a faster installation.

Choose from among end outlets, bottom outlets and side outlets to fit 4", 6" or 8" pipe.

Neenah Grate types
R-4996 Self-Forming Trench Pan cut sheet pdf
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Dimensions in inches

Catalog No. Grate
Type AType A Type CType C Type DType D Type EType E Type LType L Type PType P Type QType Q
R-4996-A 8 1 9           x x
R-4996-B 10 1 10 3/8        x x
R-4996-C 12 1.5 10x x x  x x x
R-4996-CA* 12 1.5 10x         

x - Indicates availability
* Aircraft Rated – Standard Bolted - drainage systems for the homeowner
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