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Neenah Foundry Co. - R-4990-HA Cast iron grate for airportNeenah’s R-4999 bolted transverse drainage system combines a heavy duty iron frame with Type L vane shaped cast iron grates.  The grates’ transverse vane pattern improves overall capacity, providing the best hydraulic performance of any Neenah Foundry frame and grate system.

Neenah R-4999 Type L vaned grate

These heavy duty Type L grates are bolted to the frame, which prevents grate theft and shifting from vehicle traffic.  Use the R-4999 Bolted Transverse System on streets, parking lots and other commercial applications.

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Type "L" vane shaped grates have the ability to remove significant amounts of sheet flow from streets, parking lots, and industrial lots.

R-4999 Vaned Type L Series Drainage Structure cut sheetpdf

Dimensions in inches

Catalog No. Grate
R-4999-L2 12 1.5 10 18", 36"
R-4999-L3 14 1.5 12 24"
R-4999-L6 23-7/8 2 21-7/8 12", 24"
R-4999-L7 26-5/82 24-5/8 24"
R-4999-L9 29-3/4 2.5 26-3/4 18", 36" - drainage systems for the homeowner
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